At Le Cube our credo is that excellence is a constant pursuit and that to achieve it we need to refine the fundamentals of our craft every single day. Our works in film and illustration include character-driven animations in 2D and 3D, motion graphics, stop motion, live action, and sometimes even a mix of all those styles. We love to design stories for classical outlets such as TV and Internet, but we also enjoy every moment of projects where it is possible to tell stories using different media such as VR, 360˚ videos, interactive installations, and AR. We are masters of the classical techniques and lovers of new technologies.  Our offices are located in the cosmopolitan Buenos Aires and São Paulo and, additionally, we are present in New York, Los Angeles, London, Amsterdam, Paris, and Madrid. We are a global creative production partner working with the world’s leading agencies, biggest brands, and innovative media and technology companies, helping them to create, execute and deliver award-winning content. Our projects have been awarded at festivals like Cannes Lions, Ciclope, NY Festivals, LIA, Clio, Promax, and BassAwards among others. Send us your ideas, and we'll give you back the best-crafted results, made with passion and excellence.

Boxing Cat Brewery "First Blood"
Nike "The Road to HBL"
Made with R/GA Shanghai and Final Frontier, "The Road To HBL" animation was crafted for an interactive experience "choose your own adventure" style, which allowed the user to build a personal story as a Nike's High School Basketball League player. 210 seconds of animation was produced generating 700 possible combinations of storylines. Watch our favorite combination here.
Le Cube / McDonalds "Drive Thru Car Free Day"
To celebrate the World Car-Free Day 2017 (September 22), McDonalds Brazil, together with the agency DM9DDB created an activation inviting customers to the Drive-Thru using alternative carbon-free transport means. We were invited to take part in the project creating the illustrations and an animation film promoting the campaign. We decided on a different creative approach for this project and summoned a dream team of Latin talents to create this piece with us. The curation involves both: artists that are already part of Le Cube's family and artists who we are fans of and always wanted to work with. The amazing talents who created this amazing project with us are: Andrea Devia Nuño, Bocha Barrena, César Pelizer, Fabrício Lima, Fernando Finamore, Gastón Pacheco, João Lavieri, Lucas Fiacadori, Matheus Muniz, Milton Gonzales, Paulo Stoker, Santiago Oddis. We thank especially to the DM9DDB team that supported with an open-minded attitude our crazy idea of a project with an open briefing that gave to these artists the chance to create an authorial piece of work for an amazing brand such as McDonald's.
Michelin "Real Heroes - Doug"
Together with Vice NY and Not To Scale we created three animated spots telling the true stories of Michelin customers who had their "bacon" saved by Michelin employees. With a little bit of inspiration in some classic cartoons and listening to a lot of Jazz, we came out with three charming, elegant and funny animations fully character driven. And a huge plus, we had the honor to co-direct the spots with our pal and colleague at Not To Scale, Colin Hesterly.
Le Cube / Senna "Olympic Game"
If you want to take a peep into our souls in one of our projects, this is it. This is the kind of project for which Le Cube exists. Senna is more than a Formula 1 racer; for Brazilians, he is a hero, an icon of overcoming hardship, stubbornness and good character. Sadly to say, he died young, in a race in 1994. But his legacy lives on. Part of this is thanks to the Senna family who opened an NGO called “Instituto Ayrton Senna”; their mission is to help in the education of Brazilian children and keep the image of Ayrton Senna alive. For the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the “Instituto Ayrton Senna”, together with JWT and us (Le Cube), have prepared a beautiful message from Senna to all the Brazilian Olympic athletes, pointing out the importance of winning at home. Ayrton Senna lost eight times before winning the Brazilian GP, and when he did, it was with a lot of effort. Still, he faced it unflinchingly. Take a look at what is, perhaps, our masterpiece. And, always remember to do your best and put all you have to accomplish what you want, just like Senna.
Le Cube / The Ritz-Carlton "Back To The Stars"
We're proud to share our latest project made for China with our homies from Final Frontier - a short film for Ritz-Carlton, Sanya made with Saatchi & Saatchi, telling the real story of hotel guest Soviet Cosmonaut Vladimir Kovalenok. It’s a touching tale of love, loss, and soul-searching.
Cartoon Network "Twenty Five Years"
Cartoon Network has always been an inspiration for kids everywhere. So much so, that even many grown-ups who work in animation do it exactly because of how much they loved Cartoon’s creations when they were young. That’s why it was such a gigantic honor for us at Le Cube, after we too were not so long ago just kids sitting in front of the TV amazed by what we saw, to create the channel’s 25th-anniversary celebration film.
Noticas "Man On The Moon"
Le Cube / Hyatt "The Confidante Hotel"
There is Mambo! There are Pink Flamingos, and there's a taste of all you can do in 140 hours in Miami. Hyatt's The Confidante Hotel created a Twitter competition where people would describe their best way to spend 140 hours in Miami. Our job was to give life to the best tweet.
SKOL (AB-Inbev) "DrinkRightF*ckRight"
The new campaign for responsible drinking from Brazilian beer SKOL (AB-Inbev) brings a edge and very realistic concept: "Drink Right, F*ck Right”. To get the public's attention and build a dialogue, Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo had an insight on a subject that has never previously been mentioned in campaigns: sex. Hard-partying types with a harder fact – binge drinking and alcohol abuse in general leads to underwhelming sexual performance. We created a non-stop animation with so many movements and elements to recreate the feeling of trying – and usually failing - to remember a crazy drunken night. There are more elements and movements than it’s possible to handle, not least in bed.
REDBULL / MTV "Sound Clash"
MTV Brazil and Red Bull joined forces to create a show where a pair of famous bands with different sounds and styles, play from opposite stages competing for the devotion of fans crowded the room. Our job here was to create an ID for the show that could convey both the different music styles and the competition between them.