J. J. Sedelmaier Productions, Inc. is a design and animation studio founded in 1990. They produce both print campaigns and animated films in a variety of styles and techniques from their office in White Plains, NY. Though they are primarily known for their cutting-edge commercial work (e.g. Speed Racer, Slim Jim, 7up, Hotwire, etc.), they have also created animation for NBC's Saturday Night Live, MTV, and Cartoon Network. As experts in translating illustration to animated film, the team can work with virtually any design and bring it to life.

War Dragons “Dragon Days”
Wexley School For Girls called JJSP to create the characters and a saccharin world that could contrast with the hyper-real environment of the War Dragons video game. Fatal bedlam ensues…
Ford “Aliens” fea. MK Brown
GTB/Detroit partnered with J.J. Sedelmaier to create 3 animated “Distracted Driver” films for Ford, resulting in 3 totally different spots using the talents of M.K. Brown, Al Jaffee and Bill Plympton.
NBC Sports “NFL”
NBC Sports contracted JJSP to animate illustrator Greg Betza's designs for their "Stadium Series" broadcast promo.
Volkswagon "SpeedRacer"
JJ Sedelmaier / Ray-Ban "1st Class"
J.J. Sedelmaier teamed up with artist pal John Colquhoun to create a funny world for characters to demonstrate their affinity for Ray-Ban shades.
JJ Sedelmaier / Geico “He Man”
The Martin Agency chose JJSP to bring the 1980’s Saturday morning cartoon hero “He Man”, into the unique world of GEICO. Teela and Man At Arms join him to confront the evil Skeletor!